August 7, 2013

Let's get it started!

First things first, I have to give a BIG thanks to Michelle (The 3am Teacher) for setting me up with my custom threaded comments!  She did an amazing job and made sure I was happy with the results!  It was definitely worth it, and if your looking to set up your own blog, be sure to check her services out!

It's hard to believe it's already August!  I feel like this summer just flew by!  So, yesterday I started Project Resource Room(s).  In my school, there are two classrooms that are next to each other that are attached in the middle via a closet and a seclusion room.  Since I was lucky enough that no one is using one of the classrooms, the principal gave me permission to use both.  I set one room up as a reading room and one as a math room.  I've been doing this the past 2 years and just love how it works!  

Well this is what my rooms looked like yesterday before I began.  I was able to leave some things on the walls from the past school year, so that's why there's some things on the bulletin and wall.  

Here's the reading room:

And here's the math room:

I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I'm excited!  Yesterday I was able to arrange the reading room just how I wanted it.  I will post pics once it's all finished!  Last year we had a school wide racing theme.  This year it's up to the teachers, but I think I'm sticking with the racing theme for one more year since my kids loved it so much!


  1. So glad you stopped by and found my blog! I would LOVE to feature you in one of my Someone New Sunday posts! If you are interested, email me at

    The Hands-On Teacher in First!

  2. Wow, that is so cool to have two rooms that can be unique for each subject! Can't wait to see what it turns out like! Good to find another resource teacher!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    The Resource(ful) Room

    1. Thank you! :) It's great to meet another resource teacher on here!

  3. That's a lot of space to use! I bet it's nice to have that much space but a lot to decorate! I can't wait to see how it all comes together!

    A View Into My Classroom