August 30, 2013

Classroom Reveal!

I cannot believe how fast this week flew by!!  Monday was our first official day with the kiddos.  I usually don't pull students the first couple of days, because I want them to get to know their teacher and classmates, as well as their routines and procedures.  I began pulling my kids on Wednesday, and it felt sooooo good to see and interact with them.  I really enjoyed my summer, but I am a lucky gal and get to work with some amazing students and staff.  I'm excited to be back!

The beginning of the year is SO hectic!  I already have some meetings I'm scheduling and getting some paperwork done.  I mostly finished my room, but have a few finishing touches I still need to make.  I will most more pics next week.  I took these a few days ago, and was in a hurry to leave today and forgot to take new ones after I finished some little details.  I am dog-sitting a cute little maltese doggy this weekend while my friend goes on a little vacation.  At first Rocky (my kitty) wasn't too fond of her.  She was hissing and batting at her with his paws.  Now they are little BFFs!  So, this afternoon I had to get home so my friend could drop her dog off.  But I promise I will get more pics up soon!  Take a look at what I have.  A lot of the walls look bare, but I'm saving it for student work.  I'm also wanting to add more motivational quotes, etc. to the walls too.

 Here's my reading room.  I since added labels to the students' cans (the black ones on the shelf), and took out my program materials and extras that I added in.  

Here's the sink area.  I just love this quote!  I found the decal stickers at Dollar Tree!  I saw it and knew it would be perfect in my classroom, especially since it goes so well with the 7 Habits.  The pic came out a little fuzzy, but I have my glue and pains labeled with my racing theme labels here.  I also have my Sharpened and Unsharpened pencil buckets.  

The bulletin board says "go in the right direction".  This is my behavior board with my racing clip chart.  Students can either move forward or backwards.  Last year, I set it up vertically, but I needed a change this year.  Above the blue border, I'm going to post motivational words, but didn't quite get to finish that up yet.  I just didn't wanna leave ya'll hanging and take forever to post pics.  :)

On the top of the shelf are the students' cans.  When a kiddo clips forward, he/she can grab a "fuzzy" (pom pom) and put it in their can.  They can clip forward up to 3 times (for a total of 3 fuzzies).  They can either save their fuzzies for as long as they want, or they can trade them in for a small prize at the end of class.  If they save their fuzzies, they can get a large prize (depending on how much they save).  I have a workroom in between my two rooms.  I put my "Souvenir Shop" on a few shelves in their.  It has a bunch of prizes with different prices that they can work towards.  I will post pics of that next week!  I'm needing to run to the store for more prizes, but had to wait till payday to go.  (Broke girl problems!)  I have labels on the cans now and will also post pics of that soon too :)

Each week, I pick a "Driver of the Week" to sit in the Driver's Seat.  I pick someone who works real hard to follow directions and do the right thing, not just in my class, but in their regular ed classes as well.  Their name gets put on our weekly newsletter in our "driver of the week" section.  Here is our Driver's Seat.  I bought the fabric from Joann's Fabrics and hot glued it onto a roller chair.  The driver of the week gets to sit in it for the whole entire week.  My kiddos love it and try very hard to become the next driver of the week!

Here are my center areas.  I have my Tricky Word Center, Roll and Spell Center, Reading/Calm Center.  My reading/calm center is an area for silent reading or partner reading, and also used for when students become angry or frustrated or just need a break.  I have different fuzzies and manipulative that can help them relax.  I also having a calming bottle.  It's light blue with glitter inside.

I also have a leap pad center for students that finish early or have extra time.  

Here's my desk - I use it to hold my sub tub and supplies.  The desk in my math room is where I have my computer and work on paperwork and IEPs, etc.

Now for my math room:

Some of it's a work in progress.  I am going to fill up the walls with student work and some quotes/posters.

Here's my calendar and behavior area.  It has the same clip chart as in the reading room.  My I Can statement sign is made from checkered paper, and I used laminated race cars to show what subject/group the I Can statement is for.

Here's our supply shelf for projects.  We also use the same behavior system as in the reading room.

Here's my 7 habits bulletin board.

This bulletin board will be for student work samples.

This is where I usually test my students every Friday.  They can also use it as a comfy place to work on math tasks/classwork.  The quotes say, "Imagine your dream, create your happiness, live your life" and ""

It's not completely finished, but I hope you all like it!  If you are interested in any of my racing theme decorations and clip chart, you can purchase it here in my store!  I also sell the clip chart individually if you are just interested in that.  You can purchase the clip chart here!

Hope everyone has had a smooth start if you have already started.  If you haven't started yet, best wishes for a smooth start!  

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