November 2, 2013

First Freebie in November...and a new classroom for me!

Happy Saturday everyone!  I cannot believe another month has flown by!  November is going to be an interesting month in my classroom!  Based on students needs, I will be switching classrooms on November 8th with one of our cluster (self-contained) classes.  It's going to be tough doing this now that we are well into the school year at this point BUT it will be for the better for some of our kiddos.  I am willing to do what we need to to meet their needs.  It's going to be A LOT of work and I'm a little nervous about it, but excited at the same time!  I will be going from my two rooms, to my one bigger classroom.  It even has a bathroom in it and a projector on the ceiling, and more computers.  I just have to figure out a new classroom layout and everything now.  Wish me luck!  I will post pics!

Well, October went by so quickly.  I hope you all had a fun Halloween! I know my sweet little girl did. :)

Bella dressed up as a kitty this year.  She picked out her costume herself, and she LOVED it!  She also loved trick-or-treating too.  I think she appreciated it more this year now that she can understand a little more.  Her little BFF came with us too.  Two years olds are so funny.  The first house we went to gave them their candy.  As soon as they put it in their bucket, Bella and her friend both took it out of their bucket and wanted to eat it right there.  Once we went to a few houses they got the hang of it though!

Now, for the free stuff..............

So, a lot of my recent posts and products have been on sight words.  I've been trying to get ways to really use the different learning styles for my (and your!) students to learn them.  This week, I made flash cards of all the Dolch words from Preprimer - 3rd grade.  Along with my packets I created a few weeks ago, I use these sight word cards.

First, I review previously taught sight words by going through the flash cards.  Next, I introduce the word(s) they are learning on the flash cards.  Then I give them an example of the word in a sentence.  After I give the example, I ask for a couple students to use the word in a sentence.  Then we practice them using my sight word packs.  After the lesson is over, I use the flashcards of the newly learned (word/s) and have them read that a few times.

Now, traditional flash cards can be a little annoying to flip through.  I wanted an attractive and easy way to keep them organized and neat.  When I was shopping at a dollar store, I found these neat little photo albums:

They were only $1, so you can buy a bunch of them to fit the different levels of sight words.  Depending on how many pages, you may need 2 albums for 1 level.  

I wrote sight word cards by hand (this was before I created the word cards on the computer) on blank index cards.

Then I put them in the photo album.  Now they are need and organized and I don't have to worry about laminating them or anything. 

Everytime we go over a new word, I add it to our "book".  Another thing I love about this is the fact that they can even use dry erase markers to trace the words too.

P.S. I'm SO excited about Daylight Savings!  (An extra hour on a Saturday night...score!)

I will post some before/after pics of my new classroom next week!  Also, come by for another freebie. :o)


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