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Hi and welcome!  Aside from being a teacher, I am a wife and a proud mommy of a 2 (going on 12) year old!  My daughter AnnaBella Rose turned 2 on July 4th, and boy was she born on the right day!  She is little miss independent.  Although she's just a toddler, she thinks she's a teenager already.  She has to do almost EVERYTHING by herself now. "I do myself, mommy" is her favorite phrase lately.  She always does something to make us laugh and she truly is a blessing!  She is my inspiration for everything!

We also have a pet kitty named Rocky.  We got him this past summer and absolutely love him!  He is so friendly and is always following us everywhere.  He LOVES attention.

So, Bella is definitely my mini me!  These are pics of us from around the same age.

I started out just like my daughter.  I was always pretty independent and loved helping others.  I grew up on Long Island, NY and lived there until I finished my master's degree.  After my master's was finished, I married my hubby on June 26th, 2010.  Then about a month later, we moved down to NC.

After a few months of being married, we found out we were expecting!  Tons of change that year!  I somehow managed to survive my first year teaching, living in a completely new state, and as a newlywed at the same time!  Being a first year teacher is hard enough, but when your pregnant, sick, and exhausted it makes it that much more difficult (but SOOOO worth it!!)  We had our beautiful little girl on July 4th, 2011.

Fast forward a couple of years and now, I'm on my 4th year of teaching special ed in a resource room setting!  Now that I have a few years experience, I'm ready to be a blogger!

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