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Hi and welcome!  Aside from being a teacher, I am a wife and a proud mommy of a 6 year year old and an infant baby boy!  My daughter AnnaBella Rose turned 6 on the 4th and our newest addition - Vincenzo Peter was born on April 21st.  They are my inspiration for everything!

We have 2 pet cats named Rocky and Chloe.  They have a love-hate relationship.  They are best buds, but occasionally they drive each other crazy.  We got Rocky 4 years ago when a friend's cat had a litter.  We also got his sister, who we named Adrian, but she unfortunately was sick and passed away. About a year later, a teacher brought this tiny barely 3 week old kitten in to work begging someone to take her.  Her mom had abandoned her and she was sickly with her eyes matted shut.  The lady was unable to take care of her since she already had cats at home.  We could not find anyone that could take her, and I felt too bad just leaving her like that, so I planned on fostering her until we got her in better health.  But, of course after having her one day, we decided that we couldn't just give her away even if we could find someone to take her.  We named her Chloe.  It was literally like having a newborn.  We took her to the vet to get medicine for her upper respiratory infection, cleaned her up, and had to bottle feed her every 4 hours.  I even had to set an alarm at night to wake up to feed her!  Chloe is still a tiny cat and is still sickly with respiratory issues, but she is such a sweet, friendly cat.

 I grew up on Long Island, NY and lived there until I finished my master's degree.  After my master's was finished, I married my hubby on June 26th, 2010.  Then about a month later, we moved down to NC.

After a few months of being married, we found out we were expecting!  Tons of change that year!  I somehow managed to survive my first year teaching, living in a completely new state, and as a newlywed at the same time!  Being a first year teacher is hard enough, but when your pregnant, sick, and exhausted it makes it that much more difficult (but SOOOO worth it!!)  We had our beautiful little girl on July 4th, 2011.  In 2016, we were blessed to find out we were pregnant with baby #2.  Our little man was born this past spring!  

Fast forward 6  years and now, I'm on my 8th year of teaching special ed in a resource room setting!  

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