October 4, 2013

Color, Trace, Write, and Paste Freebie!

It's Friday and I'm so excited to share my new freebie with you!  I've been working hard on my new sight word pack and it's FINALLY finished!!  My freebie is a 14 page (including the cover) sample of one of my preprimer activities - Color, Trace, Write, and Paste!  It has 13 sight words on the preprimer level.    My kiddos loved learning and practicing their sight words with it.  

I like to introduce my sight words by reading it to them.  Then I give an example in a sentence.  Afterwards, I ask them for examples and have them use the word in a sentence.  Then they will read it on the paper.  They color in the word, trace it 3 times, then write it 3 times.  The last thing they do is cut and paste the letters to spell the word.  

This sample is a part of my paid sight word packs.  All of the paid packs come with a power point game called Sight Word Slam which is played just like Jeopardy!  They also include a sight word book for each level.  The books is composed of 2 sight words per page, where students can color in the word, paint it, or use bingo dotters to fill it in.  They can also glue things if you want to be artsy!  Enjoy!!

Here are examples from a the sight word book.  I used the bingo dotters with my students.

Here's what the unfinished page looks like.  You can also use it as a play-doh mat to make the words.  Endless possibilities! :)
Here is an example of what the power point game looks like:

It is played just like Jeopardy!  My kiddos love to practice with this!

On another note, my mom starts chemo on Monday.  Please keep her in your thoughts/prayers!  They are attacking it aggressively and her treatment should be 4-5 hours long once every 3 weeks.  They will be giving her 3-4 different types each treatment session.  She is doing well right now and trying to get strong before chemo starts.  I've done some research about what to eat when your on chemo, so hopefully some of that helps too!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend everyone!  You all deserve it!


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