August 23, 2013

MIA and Free on Friday!

So sorry I have been MIA for the past week!  My family and I went on a little beach vacation to Myrtle Beach.  Then our teacher workdays started Wednesday and between meetings and open house, I've been getting home so late!  It doesn't help that I commute about 50 minutes each way either.

It was Bella's first time playing on the beach.  At first she didn't care too much for the sand or the ocean, but after a few minutes she loved digging in the sand and making sandcastles.  She still is not too fond of getting her feet wet in the ocean.  I carried her over to the water and put my feet in.  I think the ocean was a bit overwhelming for her and she said, "No mommy, I want to go in the baby one".  We have a big pool and a baby pool in my community, so I guess she thought there would be a big ocean and a baby ocean too. :)

It was a great end to summer vacation!  I got to spend some last minute quality time with Pete and Bella.  Now I am ready for a new school year!

On Monday, I will see my kiddos' smiling little faces!  I can't wait to see them and ask them about their summer adventures.  My room is ALMOST finished, so I will be posting pics soon. :)  I just wanted to finish some small details.  I'm making my welcome gifts for my students and will post them this weekend.  They are looking adorable!  I can't wait to share them with you.

So, it is Friday and time for another freebie.  Sorry it's so late on Friday, but hey it's still Friday, right?? I didn't get home until after 7 tonight, so by the time I ate dinner and got Bella situated and asleep it was late!

At the beginning of the year, I like to collect small writing samples from my students to figure out their strengths and needs in sentence writing.  On this monster-themed sheet, students will pick some of the words from the word bank to write 2 sentences.  

This worksheet is part of my Vowel Monsters pack.  If you like this and are interested in more, check it out here!  

I will be posting pics of my classroom and back to school gifts sometime this weekend.  If you are starting school Monday, good luck to you!!  If you already started, I hope you had a smooth start to the new school year! Let's make this our best year yet!

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