November 23, 2014

It's almost turkey time...gobble till ya wobble! (And a freebie!!)

Hello everyone!  It is almost turkey time!  I'm so excited to spend time with family (and for a short break!).  I love this time of year - the different scents, food, and being able to wear comfy sweaters and boots. 
Speaking of fall foods, I've been working hard to stay away from a lot of processed foods and have recently tried coconut flour to bake.  I found a recipe for paleo pumpkin muffins, so I made those tonight. 

My little helper :)
They came out sooo yummy!  There are the best right out of the oven when they are warm and moist, but I'm going to store what we don't eat tonight into a container and put them in the fridge.  This way I have a healthy snack I can bring to work, or send to school with Bella. 
They didn't come out looking the prettiest, but they are delicious!  Even my picky 3 year old loves them!
I found the recipe on pinterest.  If you're interested in the recipe, here's a direct link to The Detoxinista
Another thing I LOVE about fall is all the adorable craft ideas to do with my students.  This past week, we made turkeys to hold our hard work!  I have been really focusing on writing with my kiddos this year.  Since I'm a K-3 resource teacher, my students are all on completely different levels.  I created different writing prompts (and blank templates) to fit the needs of all my students.  For my kindergarteners, they just finished the sentence (they told me what they wanted to write and I wrote it on the table as a model for them to copy).  My first and second graders had to answer the prompt in 1-2 sentences.  My third graders had to answer the prompt with a paragraph.  I was so proud of how well my students did with coming up with their own complete sentences.  They loved displaying their hard work in the hallway with these turkeys, but they are very excited to take them home on Tuesday (we are off Wed, Thurs, and Fri!!)   
A lot of my kiddos liked to write about what they were thankful for and what they liked to do on Thanksgiving.  Those were the biggest hits on the writing prompts.  Well, I am THANKFUL for my followers on my blog and TPT store, my students, and hard working teachers!
My gift for you fellow teachers is this packet (turkey templates and writing prompts) for FREE.     Just click on the picture. :)
If you download it, please let me know what you think!
I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving and enjoy time with your family!

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