October 2, 2015

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Happy fall ya'll!  October is here, and finally I am too :).  This past year has been super tough, so I have not been bloggin' at all.  Unfortunately, my mom passed away March 7th and it really hit me hard.  Although it has been almost 7 months, it is something that I struggle with every day.  I'm lucky to have such wonderful family and friends to support me.  I would appreciate all of your prayers and positive thoughts sent my way.  It's not only tough on me, but it's tough on my 4 year old daughter who was super close to her as well.

I did not want to start this blog off on a sad note, but wanted everyone to know why I have been missing for a while.  School wise, my year has been off to a mostly smooth start.  Super busy, but smooth.  I hope your year was off to a great start!  I love, love, loooove October and the fall season.  From pumpkin picking, pumpkin flavored everything, and just fall scents and colors, it is truly one of my favorite times of the year.  As soon as October rolled around, I did not hesitate to bring out the festivities in my classroom. :)

This week, we have been working on base ten and 2 digit numbers with my 1st grade group.  We practiced with base ten blocks and place value mats, but I wanted to change it up a bit and make it fun.  I decided to break out my Chutes and Ladders game, but added a twist to supplement our learning with base ten.

Before our game, we warmed up by practicing identifying double digit numbers with flashcards.  We practiced counting by both ones and tens.  Then, we were ready to play!

The students took turns spinning their spinner, just like how you would normally play.  When they took their turn, they moved as many spaces as the spinner showed them.  After moving their pawns, they had to say the number that they landed on.  Then, they used the tens and ones to build that number.  During each turn, the students had to tell me how many ones and how many tens were in their number.   During each turn, I would talk them through it asking them questions, "Do you have to add more ones or tens?" "Who has the biggest number?"  "Who has the smallest number?"  "How many tens are in ____'s number?"

My kiddos had a blast playing this game.  They got really into it, and it helped them make the connection about how many tens they had and how big their number was.  After our game, I made a couple random numbers using base ten blocks.  The students told me each number.  Then I had them give me a quick thumbs up for the higher number and thumbs down for a lower number.  

Soooo, before I said that I did not hesitate to start Halloween crafts, so here we go!  I have 3 different math groups.  I have a K-1 group, a 2nd grade group, and a 4th grade group.  I originally thought of this idea for my oldest group when we were reviewing multiplication and arrays.  We made spiders and pumpkins arrays and ten frames with our bingo dotters!

We used:
- Bingo dotters (black and orange)
- Purple construction paper
- Hundreds chart (blank)

First, my students decided on the factors they wanted to use for their array.  Then, they started dabbing away!
We cut the extras away from the hundreds chart, and then glued it onto the purple construction paper.  Then, they wrote their equation on the side.  Then, they got to decorate it by adding stems for pumpkins and legs for spiders!

For my younger students, we used 10 frames instead. 

My 2nd grade group was working on adding numbers to a set of ten to make numbers in the teens.  We dotted a set of ten, and then in a separate ten frame, they picked any number to make.  Then they decorated and turned them into spiders and pumpkins.  Afterwards, we glued our ten frames to the construction paper and wrote down the equation on top.  

 We also did this with my K/1 group.  We made ten with spiders and pumpkins.  I loved how I was able to differentiate, so all my students could have fun with it!

Here is our wall we hung them up on!  The clarity from the camera isn't the best, but it's what I have to work with right now.  I don't have any luck with phones, and ended up breaking my phone.  Now I am stuck using an old phone, but I am planning on sucking it up and paying the money for a new one, since insurance doesn't cover water damage.  

I cannot WAIT to post about our next activity we worked on.  We made something icky and sticky and my kids had a BLAST with it!!  I will post it this weekend.  :)

I hope you all had a wonderful week and enjoy this weekend!  A WET one if you are on the coast and being affected by Joaquin!  (Stay safe if you are!!)


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