August 12, 2013

Glittery Gel Bags

I can't believe that in 2 weeks, my kiddos will be walking through my door!  I've sure missed them over the summer!  I'm anxious to meet my new little kinders too. :)  I know many of you are starting school this week, or have already started.  I hope you all have or have had a smooth start!

I've been working on some center and independent activities, and I'm excited to share this with you!  When we practice new words in my class, we follow the 3x3 method.  Here's how it works:

Air Trace the word with your index finger 3 times (pretend you are writing it in the sky).  First say each letter out loud, then whisper, then silently.

Next, students will use glittery gel bags.  They trace their word 3 times (first out loud, then whisper, then silent).  It should look something like this:

Then, the students actually write out the word on paper or a dry erase board 3 times (out loud, whisper, then silent).

I used these the past 2 years to practice our tricky words, and my students love it!  We usually learn and practice this as a group, but I am going to set it up as a center this year for students to use when they are finished with their work early.  

I also made this little recording sheet to use: 

I'm going to laminate it, and have the students use a dry erase marker so they can practice with a bunch of words.  I will have a word list in the center for them.

If you are interested in using this in your room, click here for the free worksheet and directions to make the gel bags!  

You can use the gel bags for basically anything!  Even writing numbers and practicing number recognition.  

Enjoy, and let me know how you will use these in your classroom! :)


  1. Very cool! Thanks for joining and stoppin' by my blog! I am totally impressed as to how you are producing things and would love to get some tips and pointers on how to even begin creating items! Awesome job!

    A New Box of Crayons

  2. Thanks so much! I use Microsoft Word for most of my items. There are a lot of free frames, borders, and graphics that you can download on TPT. I also use Scrappin Doodles for clip art too. You just have to figure out how to layer everything. When you have your images, you can right click and select "Wrap Text" and there you can select in front of text or behind text. That gives you the ability to move the image anywhere on your page. To add writing, just insert a text box and you can move that anywhere on the page too. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have if you come into any problems while creating something. :) It is hard starting out, I'm still trying to learn the ropes!