September 13, 2013

Free on Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!  Can't believe another week has come and gone (and boy was it an exhausting one!).  My mom's been sick with a hiatal hernia and they finally admitted her into the hospital yesterday.  After running tests alllll day to rule out some other things, they said her hernia and possibly her gall bladder are making her sick.  So she may need surgery for both.  I'm still waiting to hear what they are going to do next.  Please keep us in mind this weekend that everything goes smoothly! 

Of course it's been 90 degrees and beautiful outside since school started.  I've been enjoying it up until today.  When I walked in my front door after work I felt like I was walking right into a sauna!  I think it was cooler outside!  I checked my thermostat and the air was set to 70, but was just not kicking on.  My unit is brand new...we just got it about a year and a half ago.  I called up the company and they are going to come see what's going on tomorrow afternoon.  In the meantime, it's time to break out the fans!  

So, I have a super sweet new kindergartener this year.  He is very shy and quiet, but so so adorable!  Just like most kinders (most kids actually), he loves anything to do with arts and crafts and hand-on activities.    We are working on letter recognition and letter sounds.  I wanted a fun, hands-on-artsy way for him to learn his alphabet, so I created a cute little book this afternoon for him to illustrate.  

Take a looksie!  Here is the cover:
Here's the first page:
Each letter has it's own page, so there is plenty of room for drawing, stamping, and pasting!  I'm so excited to start using this with him!  I'm going to collect some old magazines and we are going to find pictures that begin with the short a sound.  Then we will make a little collage on the page.  

On the lines, I may have him tell me the word(s) and I will write it on the line in highlighter.  Then he can trace over it in pencil to work on his fine motor skills.  I plan on doing one letter per day with him.

The reading program our school is currently using introduces two letters per day.  We are going to be starting "s" and "t" on Monday.  After I finish introducing all the letters, I will use this book as a little review before we move on!

You can download it for FREE here at my store.  While you're there, be sure to become a follower if you would like to keep updated on my newest freebies!  

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