February 2, 2014

Special Valentine's Freebie

Love is in the air...it's that time of year again for candy, flowers, and showing loved ones how special they are.  This time of year isn't just for lovebirds.  It's  about showing loved ones (family, friends, etc.) about how you care about them.  I find it a great opportunity for my students to share compliments and talk and write about how their classmates are special.

First, I have my students create their own person using these templates:

My kiddos glued their templates to construction paper and decorated their own faces and added hair, etc.  Afterwards, they glued and envelope underneath, so the hands were resting on top of the envelope.  Then we hung them up on the bulletin board.

Next, I put each of my kiddos' names into a bag.  They took turns picking a name from the bag.  They had to keep a secret and not tell anyone who's name they picked.

Then they had to fill this out about their person:

Once their hearts are filled out, they fold it up and put it in their person's envelope at some point during the day.

Once everyone is finished, students can check their envelopes to see what their special friend wrote about them!

So, you are all special, especially in your students' eyes!  For being amazing hard working teachers, I'm giving you all a Valentine's Day freebie pack, that includes this bulletin board activity.

Here is a preview of what it looks like:

If you like this freebie, you can also purchase my main pack called "I Love Literacy" in my TPT store!  Here is what it looks like:

I'm going to finish watching the Super Bowl. so enjoy your freebie and all the fun Valentine's festivities!


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