October 19, 2015

Facts About Bats!

Hey everyone!  Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!  Fall is definitely in the air, but I am LOVING this weather!  Sweaters and boots are my favorite!  

We have been working on a bat unit.  We read a story called Batty About Bats, which is included in the intervention program we use.  There are so many informational texts about bats, so this activity could be adapted to whichever one you are planning on using,

The first day, I made a Facts About Bats poster.  I drew a bat in the middle.  We had a class discussion about what we know about bats.  Then, we read the story together.   After the story, I gave each of my students a few sticky notes.  They were directed to write down something they learned, a fact, about bats.  Then they went up and put their stickies on the poster.

That evening, I drew an outline of a bat on black construction paper.  Then I traced all their bats on the paper, this way they were ready to go.  I also cut out circles and triangles on white construction paper for their eyes and teeth.  The next day, my kiddos cut their bats out and glued on the eyes and teeth.  They decorated their bats, and let me tell you, they came out adorable!  

After their bats were completed, we reviewed the facts that were written on the sticky notes.  Hen I gave the students 2 sticky notes each, and they glued them to the bats' bodies.  The students each wrote 2 facts that they learned about bats that they didn't know before.

After class, I hung them on the wall for display.  We will keep them up until the day before Halloween (that Friday), so they can take their little bats home.  

I'm so happy how smoothly this activity went.  They all enjoyed writing about their bat facts, even the kiddos who do not like writing at all!  

Aside from school, I also wanted to mention that I have a new found love.  The last 10 years, I have had super sensitive skin, and it had gotten worse and worse. It got to the point where I started just using pure olive oil and sea salt soap that I bought from Amazon.  Even with that, my face would still get red and irritated just from the water.  Well, other was about to change pretty quickly!

Over the summer, my friend invited me to her Arbonne party.  I went, but was a little scared to try the products.  I gave them a try, and could not believe that I did NOT have a reaction!  And even better, my skin felt so much better and it took away some of the redness with just one use!  I decided to buy a couple things, and booked a party for myself.  After my party, I purchased a bunch more.  I earned a free product, plus $125 for $25, and $35% discount on anything else.  After my party, I was asked about become a consultant and starting my own Arbonne business.  I wasn't sure about it at first, but they showed me how I could earn the products and most of the startup costs from having a few more parties to promote me as a seller.  I decided to go for it!  I figured, hey, why not?  I love the products and I am tired of living pay check to pay check on NC teacher's salary.  So, here I am!

I am now selling Arbonne, because I love the products so much!  I would not have signed up for something just to do it and make some extra cash.  I really fell in love with the products, and I especially love that all of them are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, paraben free, chemical fragrance and dye free, and are even PETA stamped and certified vegan!

If you are like me and have super sensitive skin, I urge you to give it a try!  It was a life changer for me!  Especially, I also suffer (or suffered) from psoriasis on my legs.  After using 2 products, it is gone, except for a little scaring which is going away too! 

For the psoriasis (works awesome for eczema and dry skin too!), I used:

 These even helped with the little itchy razor burn bumps after shaving your legs!  I am so excited about these products, and I'm so excited to begin this new journey!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!  






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