October 7, 2015

Spooky Spelling

It's frightening that it's already Monday...this weekend flew by!  I spent a ton of time cleaning the house and organizing all Bella's toys.  Much more time than I wanted to 😉.   But I am ready for the busy week ahead of me.  This weekend we are headed to a balloon festival on Saturday and going pumpkin picking Sunday.  We are super excited to get outside and enjoy some family time. 

Last week, we made some adorable little ghosts.  We cut out a ghost shape on white construction paper, then we glued the Google Eyes.  My kiddos got creative, and I love how they turned out!  They picked big eyes, small eyes, and some of them even mixed a big and a small eye.  Then we used bingo dotters and black markers to make the mouth.

After our ghosts were finished, we wrote our spelling words along the outline.  For my younger students, we stopped there.  Then we just glued our ghosts on black construction paper.  



For a my 2 older groups of students, I gave them fancy Halloween paper that I found at the dollar stores years ago (and they still probably have it lol).  I gave them the writing prompt: "If I saw a ghost, I would...".  The students wrote their stories on the paper using their spelling words.  After their stories were finished, they went back and highlighted their spelling words they used.  Then we glued their ghosts and stories onto a 11x17 piece of black construction paper.  They loved reading and sharing their stories with each other.

Afterwards, we displayed them in the hallway. 

I just love how creative my students got with their ghosts' faces.  They look adorable hanging up in he hallway! 

My next post will be a little "batty" 😉

Hope you have a wonderful week!





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