November 29, 2013

Mysterious Missing Addends and a Freebie!

Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving with those you love!  I had a great Thanksgiving with my family and now it's time to get back in the swing of things on here.  I have been MIA for a while.  So much going on!  I had to switch classrooms and get caught up on IEP and Reeavaluation paper work.  I feel like I'm always trying to play catch up!  It's always something, right?

Well now that I have some time, I really wanted to get on here and post something new that we are working on in my classroom.  I'm not venturing out to go Black Friday shopping this year.  Maybe later I will run to the stores when it's not as crazy!  Speaking of shopping, this Monday and Tuesday there are some major sales on TPT!  Come check out my store on Cyber Monday and Tuesday for some great deals!

We have been working on missing addends in math lately and my kiddos were just NOT getting it.  I created something to make it a little more interesting and to break down the steps, so they can understand it a little better.

First, I made posters to reteach the concept.  Most of my kids are visual learners, so these posters are a must!


I teach them first by counting forward.  Once they really understand how to do it, then I show them that they can also subtract one of the addends from the sum.  That will come later for my kiddos though :).

I also created a pack that includes center activities, a foldable for vocabulary, and a mystery game to find Detective Dan's missing dog.  Here is what it looks like:

I JUST created them and am so excited to use them in the classroom.  There's a total of 53 pages (including 3 pages for the cover, credits page, and a directions page for the Case of the Missing Dog activity.  There's also an answer sheet for the recording sheet for that activity.

The card games can be played like concentration, or you can hide them in certain areas and the students will have to find the pair.  You can even pair students up into partners by giving them one card and another student the answer for that card.  There are many ways these can be used!

The Case of the Missing Dog activity is a little more extensive.  This is a great center or small group activity. 

As with most products, for durability and reusability (I think I'm just making that word up) laminate each of the cards.  :)

There's a directions page that is included and also a diagram.  Here is what the diagram page looks like, so you have an idea:

The students match the word problem to the equation and then the equation to the answer.  They match the letters they find to the problem number, and that's how they find out the answers to their "mystery".  

*Please note that the pictures are just thumbnails and the actual activities and directions are much clearer than the thumbnails shown on this blog.

Have a wonderful rest of Thanksgiving Break!


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